Profit by the Books works with all small to medium sized businesses. Industries we specialize in working with include the following:

Real Estate Brokers and Agents: We know you are working to be the top-selling broker or agent in town. Focus on the money-making aspects of your real estate business and leave the bookkeeping to Profit by the Books industry experts. We’ll create a real estate-specific general ledger, assist with managing home office deductions, help you track your costs by listing, be ready for tax season, and help you make technology decisions.

Contractors: Profit by the Books provides solutions for HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors. Turn to us for an industry-specialized bookkeeper who will help increase the accuracy and timeliness of your records, manage your expenses and income to grow profitability, save time on your payroll and employee time tracking, and help you understand your business performance.

Retail: While it’s vital for any business to keep an accurate record of their money,  we know retailers face unique challenges in maintaining proper financial records, monitoring and calculating the cost of inventory. Turn to Profit by the Books to help you calculate the cost of inventory, track inventory amounts, and other bookkeeping best practices to keep your doors open and increase make real profit.

Professionals: Take back your time, start driving real profit, and focus on running your law firm, insurance agency, investment office, or other business services while we run the numbers. We’ll keep your books up to date, help you understand business performance, track mileage and expenses, and be ready for tax season – so you can do what you do best!